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November 16th, 2018


News Digest

The News Digest is a roundup of the latest talking points in the events industry designed to keep you up to date and get you involved in the discussion. Leading the debate this episode, we have: 

Charlotte Gentry formerly Wilson, Founder and CEO of Pure Events

Samme Allen, Founder of Sequoia Venue Solutions

Edward Poland, Co-Founder of Hire Space

Richard Groves, Group Business Development Director at SMART Group



The last taboo to be broken?



More venues are now able to host weddings thanks to the latest budget



Jeff Bezos Bans Powerpoint in meetings  


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How Leaders Can Create a Better Work Culture


Thom Dennis, CEO and Founder of Serenity in Leadership joined George in the studio to share some essential wisdom for modern leaders on how to create a better workplace culture.

Serenity in Leadership is a learning and leadership platform, where people in positions of power have the opportunity to gain greater awareness of themselves in order to lead to a more equitable business and future

Follow Serenity on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for regular thought starters and to join their dialogue around leadership.



250 Insights to Develop Your Professional and Personal Life


LID publishing sent us 250 Insights to Develop Your Professional and Personal Life. We passed the book on to Ed and the News Digest team to discuss a few of the book's ideas and share their own thoughts.



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